Typical day

A Typical Day On The Trek

Every morning during the trek, you will be greeted by our guide or porter with a wake up – tea at about 6 am in the morning and after being a bit fresh you will have some time to pack your bag. Then it’s time for breakfast.


Normally breakfast is served around 7 am. After having our breakfast, the walking will begin but take 5 minutes time for the stretching and warm up before you start, you should expect to walk for 45 minutes to 1 hour and rest for 3-4 minutes along the way. Our walk will be around 2-3 hours to the lunch camp.


During the trek is usually held around 12- 1 pm with 40-minute duration, the lunch will be typically taken from the menu which will serve as fast as possible with a cup of tea or coffee.

Dinner and Overnight camp

Usually our walk is about 2-3 hours after the lunch, as we arrive at our camp (Trekking lodge), then we might take some rest before we go to dinner. Our guide and porter will be glad to serve the cup of tea in your room while resting, and we alert that you have to order the dinner before 5 pm. Set up our own preferable time to have the dinner together with team members.

At the termination of the day our trekking guide encourages you to visit the local Sherpa settlements to know more about their culture and lifestyle in the Himalayas region while preparing our meals or you may like the shower or reading the book.

Every day our trekking will be nicely pleasured by rewarding Himalayas mountain views and its landscape, exploring the mountain villages and taking the captivating photos and video of untouchable mountains.

Note: Every day after the dinner our guide will be briefing about the program the next day.