Who we are

We launched this project after a long and suggestive trip in Nepal, where we felt amazed by its nature, its people…and now we have reliable and professional correspondents there.

Why choose us?

Urbino Incoming “Speciale Viaggi in Nepal – Trekking & Tour”

Once reached the top of the world, so close to the sky, it’s impossible to forget the excitement felt.

So, we decided to make more people feel these emotions.

Traveling to Nepal is an experience of a lifetime. It’s an unreal country thanks to its different ethnies, natural landscapes, trekking, colours, traditions and scents.

Join us, being sure to be supported in an extraordinary trip!

Here’s why choose us for your trip:

  • our correspondents (tourist guides and bearers) are a qualified team, certified and with a lot of experience
  • comfort and security guaranteed
  • small groups and high quality services
  • accessible prices
  • flexible itineraries
  • fast and accurate response
  • customized services

Staff and Tourist guides

You can’t improvise a Nepal trip. Our knowledge, our skills and our solid background of experiences, allows us to bring you to one of the most memorable adventures of your life time.

“Viaggi in Nepal – Trekking&Tour” is a skilled and reliable tour guide, your partner in discovering territories which alone you would never visit. We are from the historical travel agency Urbino Incoming and our love for trekking made us discover the beautiful eastern mountains, with certified guides from that territory.

Where are we from:
Urbino Incoming was founded in 2005.
In the following years we specialized in tourism services. At the beginning we had strong interest towards our wonderful region, Marche, then we focused on traveling with no limits. We provide support for any kind of requirement, from the ticket office to the organized tours or the individual travels, the rentals, the guided tours or excursions and events.
We had acquired skills and experiences which allow us to satisfy our customers of any kind of necessity they have. We select products and partners with care to satisfy any customer request and wish of discovery of the world.

The guides

Our staff, guides and bearers are very reliable.

Our guides are trained and experienced to make your trekking unforgettable.
The trip keywords are: security, pleasantness and comfort.

If your backpacks are too heavy, don’t worry because the equipe has porters (1 each 2 trekkers). Porters work hard because they love their mountains.

We admire them to bring us in places and peaks that alone we couldn’t visit.

We want our clients to be happy and satisfied and we believe that only a happy person can make a client happy, so the trip can be happy, too!


“It’s easy to fall in love with Nepal”

Its colours, its scents, its peaks brightened by the snow and by the sun, the Sherpas who smile to you even when they are carrying your heavy backpacks. They are happy for you, for what you are going to see for the first time.

Responsible trip

We are an harmonious team, dedicated to responsible trips in Nepal. Visitors will find out the incredible beauty of this region, while preserving it for the future generations.
The social responsibility is the core of everything we do, as a matter of fact we make efforts to hire local people and to support projects which give value local communities. So we encourage our customers to walk carefully and to let home anything could pollute the environment like plastic bottles and bags.

Accurate approach

Mountains require knowledge and respect. Our mission is to plan every single aspect of your trip to assure you it will be the best we can offer. So we adopt an accurate approach, starting with the airport meeting when you arrive at the countship and the organization of the trip towards your destination. We provide all the equipment you need at the highest quality standard, as regards for example the accommodation. We will make sure to give you generous portions of food during your visit at the final destination.
Support and care will be guaranteed in every phase of the process.